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Attract Customers

Brand. Attract. Nurture. Grow.


What makes a website work for your business all of the time without turning off potential customers?

You're going to discover the foundation for attracting customers that creates the opportunity to nurture them, ultimately growing your business.

If at any point you feel confused or want some help figuring this out, please pick a time in our calendar to see if we can get you on the right track.

The Problem

Without having the right information architecture you can't establish proper search engine optimization (SEO) for organizing your website's content. When elements of design are poorly executed they won't communicate your brand; they will quickly miscommunicate who you are, bore, and deter visitors. Your website also needs to function like a finely tuned engine. When it's not, you have a vehicle (website) on the internet that isn't working around the clock for your business goals. What's worse, in combination with these other detractors you close off from a lot of opportunities for attracting new customers and growth opportunities for you, your team, and your business.

attract graphic
attract graphic

The Impact

If you fail to get these foundational pieces in place you could end up like one of our clients whose website wasn't working, causing them to barely be doing any business. Their website was broken in many ways and that's pretty much like having the open sign flipped over to closed. It then took them another 3 years to get to the growth they have today selling multiple product orders each week, and to be able to create an accessory product line to expand their sales further.

You need the right attraction framework, the right attraction blueprint, and the right attraction engine to lay the foundation for attracting new customers. What is this?

The Solution

We're talking about the "A" (Attract) part of our business services. It's not just the design and development of your website, it's the foundation for attracting customers. The foundation for your website prepares it for other dynamic parts of our signature system. Having one part isn't going to get you far. For example, if all you had was a developed Brand that wouldn't get you very far without a website, and without a website that wouldn't get you very far without the many frontend and backend marketing features that a high-quality website can provide.

 Another example would be having a website without a cohesive, well-thought-out Brand, or having one without a well-designed structure for SEO-your webpage rankings won't even have a chance. On the same hand, if you have poorly written or organized content for your website, that also won't help for webpage rankings. Without any of these foundational things in place, you can't effectively utilize features of web marketing for growing your business through your website. It gets complex, and these are some very important things that will help your business grow.

I know we just covered a lot, so if you're feeling confused or want some help figuring this out, please pick a time in our calendar to see if we can get you on the right track.

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