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Business BANG

Achieve Business BANG results for your small to medium sized business.

Our Business BANG solutions will focus on Branding who you are, Attracting new customers, Nurturing them along the pathway to conversion, and ultimately Growing your business and revenue. We provide digital services for branding, websites, and internet marketing. For Instance, our specialties include WordPress capabilities from strategy and planning to website design and web development, including long-term guidance, maintenance, and updates. Above all, we're capable of digital service solutions for small to medium businesses, Realtors, General Contractors, Trades, E-commerce, Marketing Agencies, and Non-Profits.


Brand Strategy

Identity & Values

Who are you? What do you value? What are your goals? What does and does not work for your company?


Your brand name sets the scene, informs, defines, directs, and motivates your business, and what it communicates.


The collection of personality traits, attitudes, and values your brand showcases to help connect with its target audience.

Value Proposition

Positioning your company with the benefit it offers, how you solve your customer's needs, and what distinguishes you from your market competitors.

Visual Identity

Influencing perception through logos, icons, colors, typography, line, shape, form, and texture, that all stimulate feelings and experiences with the brand.

Launch Strategy

There are countless details that must be carefully thought through and coordinated for the successful execution of all of the components of your brand.

User Experience Design

We'll consider the why, what and how of product use, creating products that provide meaningful and relevant user experiences.

Prototype Design

We provide prototypes that can range from paper sketches, clickable wireframes, to a clickable HTML prototype.

Responsive Web Design

Worldwide, over 52% of mobile users could be viewing your site. We make yours look amazing and function very well on all devices.

User Interface Design

Focusing on the visual experience and interactive touch-points navigating you from point-A to B, we’ll create a UI that will be pleasurable and easy to use.

Graphic Design

Using lines, shapes, colors, typography, and texture, we'll use visual content to communicate your brand through website design as well as print design.

Social Media Design

Whether it's your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., profile or graphics for posts and blogs, we'll create smart, effective content for your digital marketing needs.

Web Development-services

Web Development

WordPress CMS

Why? It's flexible, adaptable, has extendable functionality, is user friendly (even for beginners), and has strong community support.

WordPress Themes

How? By custom themes with custom post types, fields, and templates so that your content administration comes easy.


Our choice is WooCommerce because Automattic owns both WordPress and WooCommerce, and that makes for a solid combo.


Accessibility means people with disabilities can use the Web with equal access and opportunity. Ensuring your website is accessible to all is simply ethical.

SEO Friendly

We create sites that allow a search engine to properly read pages across the site. We also make it convenient for your page rankings to be improved.

Responsive HTML Email

Email is the preferred method of communication for customers, that's why we keep on top of best practices to drive repeat customers to your business.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing

SEO/SEM Strategy

SEO is part of SEM. We'll strategically implement both, increasing your visibility and helping to grow your business.

Content Development

For your copy we'll make use of information, ideas, and actions to attract prospects, convert leads, and nurture your customers.

Lead Generation

Collecting opted-in leads the right way for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter list acquisition, or sales leads.

Marketing Automation

We use powerful marketing tools that can take care of a lot of client acquisition and maintenance steps with tools that automate excellent marketing interactions.

Google Marketing Platform

Google AdWords, Tag Manager, and Analytics together can all play valuable roles in helping you use metrics for smart and effective marketing decisions.

Social Media Strategy

Whether it's your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc., profile or graphics for posts and blogs, we'll execute smart, effective actions for your digital marketing needs.


Achieving 100% uptime for your website(s) is critical. We make sure your customers, hosting, and sites are secure 24/7/365.


All of the best practices can be in place and things can still go wrong, so we take care of regularly scheduled backups too.


Websites today are a bit like living organs, they need regular maintenance and care to function well. We're the "oxygen" for that.

Training Videos

WordPress can be easy to use and overwhelming with so much to learn, that's why we provide training videos for you to get started, and keep you going.

Monthly Reporting

There's a lot we do and invest in caring for your websites' health and maintenance, that's why we generate reports for you monthly to show you what's going on.

Coaching/Strategy Calls

It's never "set it and forget it." Improving your site, visibility, attraction, and customer retention is a process. With our ongoing help, you can prosper.

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