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Coronado Surf Designs Logo

Coronado Surf Designs Logo


Ben has been surfing since he was ten years old, and has grown up learning about brands and brand awareness with the surfing industry. In his late teens he got into surf photography and by age 21 was a Contributing Photographer of SURFER Magazine, so with being that deeply involved in the lifestyle he’s always wanted to create a surfing brand. A few years ago he was talking with an older surfing friend with heaps of experience in the surfing industry who had grown up in Coronado, and they realized that there has never been a surf business with the name Coronado in it. Coronado Island has a rich surf history and so he became inspired to create Coronado Surf Designs because of this. So the question became how do we come up with a brand identity that uses the the word Coronado and incorporates a meaningful lettermark?



He has written a blog about Coronado Surf Design’s logo in more detail found on that site. He likes to create lettermarks where the icon of it is incorporated into the name of the business. The letter “C” seemed like a natural place to start with its shape and the fact that it is placed at the left side of the word Coronado. This way the icon becomes established as a recognizable shape of the lettermark, and can be used separately from it depending on the design. For the brand family he thought that creating a version of the lettermark that was more stylish might be useful for other types of apparel. There was also a need to create some custom icons that supported the values behind the brand, and those are found at the bottom of the page here and on the front-page of the website.



With the new brand family he was able to create an ecommerce website. Check out the brief for Coronado Surf Designs website.

Brand Family
Custom Icons




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