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The Client is a data scientist and wanted a website to build her own business, or build partnerships with others. Initially we had created a blog-centric site but then the business focus changed and a year or so later it needed to be rebuilt for the same purposes.



You can see the first version of the website by viewing our PDF portfolio. The Client had taken on some new skills in data science that were high tech and icons were requested to be used. No icon libraries in existence have icons that represent the high-tech data science technologies that needed to be represented, so custom icons needed to be created. The Client also wanted some animation on the new website and wanted it professional. So the solution was to create web animation that was subtle, not flashy, with no big movements. There are many websites out there today not using animation tastefully. The custom icon animation is used to draw your attention to the top left of where you would begin reading the page. This is a tasteful, subtle use that conveys “professional” for the Client.



Animation is very useful when it is executed with taking into consideration the business or context of the website it is being added to. Big, flashy movements aren’t for every website or every web page. Animation requires careful thought and that is achieved with DatBytes new site. The Client also got a great full-time from the appropriate display of their talents.

Custom icons (except thumbs-up).




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