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InfoGov World Media is a new magazine enterprise that needed a companion presence on the internet to match the branding of their new Magazine. Before the first magazine issue launched there was an existing website for their business, but it didn’t compliment the new logo or magazine, nor did it have the front-end and back-end features they needed to position themselves to grow. It was made from a hosting company’s proprietary website builder, and those are generally not robust enough for growing a business like theirs. They wanted WordPress and it is a perfect fit for growing their enterprise. The Client needed a new main website and two landing pages before the launch of their debut magazine issue to achieve their goals.


The old website’s design didn’t match the look of the new magazine. It had a 90’s design and layout and was not responsive web design. There wasn’t a way to create new leads or new subscribers for the business and magazine that could be found on every page. There was no space for advertising that was tastefully separated from the content. All of the content from the old website was reworked for the new design and layout.

The new website was built with WordPress using a contemporary, wide page layout with responsive design to accommodate the variety of content that would go into its pages. It’s design was carefully considered to be able to carry the branding of the changing design layout of the Magazine.

A multipart form with a conditional form field user experience was created and implemented for every page of the website that would serve to both generate leads, and allow users to subscribe to either the free digital version of the magazine, or the print version for a fee. All of the forms for all of the websites (main & landing) were mapped to Zoho CRM so that opted-in user information could be used more efficiently for handling magazine subscribers, IGW Event participants, and emails and newsletters.

Other content features such as their podcasting, webinars, and events were greatly improved in their display and ease of use in finding on the site. A sitewide glossary where keywords are dynamically linked to term definitions, and which have their own archive and single-pages was added. Outbound links to their online magazine issues were added to their menu. Overall, the information architecture was improved in its organization, layout and ease of use for finding information, and for optimizing SEO results.


We were able to launch the website and landing pages in time for their Magazine launch and debut Fiesta. They have been generating leads and selling subscriptions to the magazine, and are now on their third issue of the Magazine.

Old InfoGov World website
This is the old website. The front page was excessively long, and it's content was not organized in any way that a user could quickly see what they might want to read—you had to scroll down the page through the content to get to the next piece. Overall the site's content was not well organized in a way for users to quickly see what they could drill down to read at length. Every article was at full length display and it took a lot of effort to figure out what was what. The new website is below.
New InfoGov World-front-page
The website features content found in the magazine as well as separate blog content, and other resources. Multiple areas for advertising placement were created in the header area, the bottom of the pages, and the sidebars sitewide, so that any ads of three different predetermined sizes could be placed anywhere and in any order in the provided spaces, and a system for naming and tracking the ads was created as well.
igw-regulartory-compliance archive page
For purposes of organization for the client to more easily add new posts, and for filtering posts, or any other unique customizations, multiple custom post types were created. All of the forms on the website were mapped to a CRM for the client's convenience of managing subscribers.
Landing page for opt-in lead generation and for Subscribers to the new magazine. All of the form fields were mapped to a CRM.
Events Landing page for opt-in lead generation and for InfoGov World Media to announce events and allow users to register for them. All of the form fields were mapped to a CRM.
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