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Jay ‘n Trish Travel Reviews

Jay ‘n Trish Travel Reviews


Jay, Trish and their dog Echo are traveling the Nation in their fifth wheel RV and Jeep and wanted a way to share their experiences by reviewing RV Parks, Restaurants, Gyms and Jeep Trails, and to have a website that exceeds so many others doing the same thing. They wanted to stand out from the crowd.



Jay is a repeat client from the work for Estimator Locator, so we were familiar with them to begin with. We knew he wanted to do something fun and out of the ordinary with Jay ‘n Trish Travel Reviews. They didn’t have a logo for the site so we suggested a caricature lettermark and they liked the idea. We don’t do caricature illustration in-house, it’s a unique specialty you have to find the right person for, but we knew where to find that person. Acting as art director for the logo we had to get all of the details of what Jay and Trish wanted for it and work with the illustrator to get it just right. The artist we found could do full realism or simple caricature, and we chose something in between as a good fit for Jay ‘n Trish. There was a bit of back and forth but we got it just right.

The other challenge was creating custom templates that had admin-set star ratings for various categories of each review subject, along with google maps, videos and picture galleries. The archive pages for each needed to be filterable since they were visiting many cities and states across America. So there was a lot of custom work that went into this website project and we got it all in working order with subscriber opt-in forms and a templated email notification of new reviews.



The lettermark for their website was also used for the side of their RV, and both display very well in capturing all of their personalities. Jay, Trish and Echo are currently still traveling the Nation, creating new experiences and reviewing away! They couldn’t be happier. If you’re traveling on vacation in your RV in America I would definitely check out their site, your next stop could be your next best destination!

The post archive pages are filterable for location, etc. depending on what the need is.
One of the most important features of the the site was creating an Admin-set star rating system. This is a primary feature they wanted to have. For RV Parks and Gyms there were multiple rating types, where for restaurants they wanted to rate for pricing only. The single post ratings include a map, gallery images and the ability to add videos.
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