Website Management Care Plan is Fundamental to Website Success

Just like all software, websites require maintenance for keeping them in proper working order. Dodging website maintenance is like not watering your garden. Your plants wouldn’t live very long if you didn’t look after their maintenance.

Well, the same is true for your website. Your website should always be live, ready for customers, presenting your business at its finest, just like a well-cared-for garden does for a home.

Websites Are Not “Set it and Forget it” Technology

If your website is not being maintained monthly, you may actually be digging yourself into a hole that can be very expensive to get out of.

Website visitors lose interest within 1-2 seconds landing on sites that aren’t working properly, or worse, aren’t even live.

Because they either don’t know or don’t have the time or skills, many website owners never check their website to see how it’s functioning.

Unnoticed, website issues or downtime can cause your business to lose potential customers, leaving a lot of money on the table for your competitors.

The Benefits of Maintenance

Many people don’t realize the benefits of website management care plans. Websites are dynamic and complex, with many different, important parts.

Your website’s performance, its page load speed, uptime, and downtime, are all dependent on the WordPress core software, theme, and plugins working without error or breaking the site, as well as being on the recent version. On rare occasions, even the most recent version of any of these can cause problems with your website too.

Your website’s improvement and growth, design changes, edited content, analytics monitoring, and security are all contingent upon someone making sure all services are working, and all updates to the website are done in a smooth and error-free way.

Our Maintenance Workflow

At Siegfried Media, we work smart in caring for your website.

In addition to our experience, insider security and update bulletins alert us to vulnerabilities and issues. This can help us to know if there may be a known problem before an issue gets to your site.

In the event we identify an issue, a support ticket is created and we address it promptly.

Backing up your website first is essential. Following that, we perform updates and check for any issues that may appear on a copy of your live site.

If things aren’t working, we carefully inspect and research why. We’ll go through steps methodically to find and fix what’s not working.

When we find all is in working order we’ll apply the same steps to your live site, and make sure all checks out the same.

If any issue appears with WordPress, the theme, or plugins we can revert back to what works because we keep a record of updates.

Most of the time you won’t know there was ever an issue because we work those out behind the scene.

If You Don’t Know It Could Cost You A Lot

Handling website maintenance by yourself without knowing what you’re doing is high risk and could cost you a lot.

Trying to do updates yourself can leave you without a record of what was done. For example, if an update to a plugin created an issue days later it would be difficult to know what changed and how you should roll back.

Without knowing the right way to do things, restoring an old backup could leave you with a big gap between the past and the present. A whole bunch of content changes, sales orders, contact entries, and other sorts of data essential to your business could be missing!

It Costs More to Fix Than to Maintain

Inexperience and ignorance can damage the look and functionality of your website.

You can try and fix it yourself which may cause further damage and/or take you a very long time to figure things out. All the while you may be losing time, money, or customers.

Or you can pay the price (sometimes hefty) for someone experienced to fix it. Just like a garden, it costs more to fix it than it does to maintain it properly. Regular watering and fertilizing keep your garden growing properly. Similarly, regular site maintenance helps keeps your website running properly.

Hire a Professional

Help keep yourself focused on what you know best by leveraging what we know best.

Would you try to perform surgery on yourself? Heck no, you’d let the surgeon do it!

Why try to maintain your own website if you’re not a web professional?

By securing our experienced web professionalism to update and maintain your site properly you will save potential lost sales or customers.

If you’re interested in securing maintenance for your website and seeing how your garden of opportunity can grow, schedule a call to learn how we can keep yours in proper working order with one of our website management care plans so you can bloom into the goals you aspire to for your business.

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